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The amazing carpet tile

We’re sure the carpet tile is one of the most brilliant inventions the flooring world has ever seen. It creates a wonderful “best of both worlds” scenario that you simply have to experience to believe.

Of course, carpet has always been a very popular floor covering. It’s soft and comfortable underfoot, it makes a great play area for small children, and it creates a coziness that can’t be matched by hard flooring. In fact, some homeowners switch and wonder why they hadn’t done so sooner. But the carpet tile adds brand new benefits.

At Rugworks, we’re happy to put more than twenty years of experience to work for you! In fact, helping you find the perfect floor covering is our number one goal. We have a showroom located in Pompano Beach, FL where we serve Pompano Beach and surrounding areas. We invite you to stop by to see our full line of carpet tile and to ask any questions. Our expert staff will be standing by to assist you.

What carpet tile has to offer

One of the main complaints when it comes to carpet is the fact that it is considered easy to stain. In some cases this is true. If you neglect the proper stain resistance, which can be built right into the fiber, or added during installation, you may have this situation to deal with, no doubt. Some stains are simply a force to be reckoned with, but thankfully, these aren’t the ones you deal with on a daily basis.
In the past, an overly stained carpet would have to be taken out and replaced. This job can be both expensive and time consuming. But that’s where carpet tile comes into play. With these amazing tiles, you get all the benefits of the carpet you love. However, if you have a spot that is stained to the point of no return, it’s no longer that big a deal.

Single carpet tiles are easy to take up and replace. In fact, that was the idea behind their creation in the first place. Most often, they are put down with an adhesive background, which means they aren’t a problem to take up. Then all you have to do is lay another tile back in the same place for a nearly new look.

It makes the job even easier if you created a design when you placed the carpet tiles during installation. That way, if you do have to replace a tile, it won’t be so obvious.