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Why you should consider waterproof flooring

The most obvious reason anyone might consider waterproof flooring is if they live in an area that is prone to flooding. While choosing this type of flooring for that main reason is surely a great idea, we think there are plenty of other reasons to look into it as well.

Aside from flooding or acts of God, there are lots of other things that can happen that will ruin your floors. Interior flooding can be caused by a variety of situations, including broken or busted pipes, a washing machine that has overflowed or a bathtub faucet being left on by a child.

Proworks Distributors knows a thing or two about flooring, and waterproof flooring is no different. With nearly a quarter of a century in the business, we always look forward to helping our customers find the perfect flooring that not only suits their needs but makes them happy as well. Our showroom is located in Pompano Beach, FL; and we also serve Lighthouse Point, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Coral Springs, FL; Parkland, FL; Deerfield Beach, FL; Hillsboro Beach, FL; Boca Raton, FL; and other nearby Florida communities. We invite you to stop by to have a look at our line of flooring and ask any questions you may have to our flooring professionals.